A unique blend of ICT/ELV expertise, building experience and telecommunication infrastructure sets us apart.

Information and communications technologies (ICT), electronic security, building automation, and audio/visual – systems referred to as Extra Low Voltage (ELV) – exceed the normal electrical engineering skills traditionally required for building projects.

PD&P Technology division personnel are experts in the ICT/ELV field. We keep up with emerging technologies in this domain while remaining unbiased towards any supplier. We believe being up-to-date and objective helps us provide the best possible engineering solutions for our clients.

While expertise in ICT and ELV is essential, the uniqueness of our service stems from a better understanding of building construction requirements and the know-how to integrate this technology into different types of projects, which increases property value and elevates the user experience.


  • ICT infrastructure

    ICT infrastructure

    Structured Cabling comprehensive design for all IT and Telecom services
  • •	Operations management systems

    • Operations management systems

    From Parking Management Systems to Port operation systems
  • Passive/Active IT equipment

    Passive/Active IT equipment

    Consultancy and planning for IT systems, platforms and equipment
  • Digital signage

    Digital signage

    Digital information broadcasting and signalization
  • Integrated electronic security

    Integrated electronic security

    CCTV, Access Control, and various detection systems
  • Audio-visual systems

    Audio-visual systems

    Professional sound and visual systems design, from background music to stage engineering
  • Building automation and controls

    Building automation and controls

    Building Management Systems and other operation monitoring and controls

Technology Portfolio