Mission Critical

Reliability and flexibility in a constantly evolving environment.

Mission critical facilities are those performing any operation which, if interrupted, can cause harm or loss to a business activity. Data centers, telecom carrier hubs, hospitals, laboratories, trading floors and public safety infrastructure are among the many facilities that can be considered mission-critical. Such facilities must operate continuously under all conditions.

A trustworthy mission-critical facility like a data center, for example, must be designed to provide reliability and flexibility in a constantly evolving environment. The type of equipment used, the high-density power and cooling requirements, the need to safeguard against defects, human error and physical threats, make such facilities different than any other – and our work of the utmost importance. We assess the needs and provide strategic planning that goes well beyond design: responsive solutions, tier compliance, commissioning and controlled operation.

Bridging the gap between the IT world and buildings, the PD&P Mission Critical team brings a holistic approach that allows us to respond to our clients’ most delicate requirements.


  • Equipment and space planning

    Equipment and space planning

    Comprehensive planning of the facility to optimize operation
  • Cooling/environmental control

    Cooling/environmental control

    Close control of environmental conditions and continuous monitoring System
  • IT/telecom infrastructure

    IT/telecom infrastructure

    Structured Cobling design for Information Technology and Telecommunication services
  • Electrical power

    Electrical power

    Reliable, redundant and uninterruptible power with on-site power generation
  • Fire protection

    Fire protection

    Fire Compartmentation, fire Detection, alarm, and automatic fire suppression systems
  • Security


    CCTV and access control
  • Data center tier level certification

    Data center tier level certification

    Data Center certification to UTI or other authorities for all tier levels.

Mission Critical portfolio