• Combining Efficiency, sustainability and practicality

Competitive energy production and use demands wise engineering choices.

PD&P Energy specializes in consulting, engineering and project management of energy generation facilities and installations, and in energy auditing.

Our foremost expertise lies in power plants based on gas turbines and reciprocating engines running on natural gas or liquid fuels, such as diesel and HFO. We also practice in the arenas of cogeneration, transmission and distribution, and in renewable energy domains including solar power, wind power, and landfill gas-to-energy conversion.

Services provided by PD&P Energy include feasibility studies, tender/RFP preparation and evaluation, front end engineering, detailed engineering, project management and procurement services. We also provide energy auditing services, primarily for heavy energy consumers like industrial plants.


  • Independent power plants and energy providers

    Independent power plants and energy providers

  • Turbine based power plants

    Turbine based power plants

  • EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

    EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

  • Transmission and distribution

    Transmission and distribution

  • Oil and gas

    Oil and gas

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

  • Industrial processes and manufacturing

    Industrial processes and manufacturing

  • Cogeneration


  • Public services and infrastructure

    Public services and infrastructure

  • Energy audit

    Energy audit

  • Reciprocating engines power plants

    Reciprocating engines power plants

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