• Beyond the normal bounds of construction supervision

Outstanding achievements… On time. Within budget. To specification.

We've designed PD&P On-Site to go beyond the consultant's normal limits when it comes to construction supervision and administration.

Our on-site engineers immerse themselves in the construction details and manage installation with the clear vision necessary for great achievements. Through talent, know-how and precise application of pre-defined methods, expertise synergizes with creativity to deliver an outstanding facility, be it a complex system or a state-of-the-art building.

Our synergized combination of specialties ensures everything goes according to plan, and helps us provide fast, cost-effective solutions to on-the-ground problems. Our experts will ensure that all systems are properly tested and all design intents are 100% met and executed. Relying on a personalized approach and nearly 40 years of engineering experience, we make sure your project is completed on time, within budget, and true to specification.


  • Due diligence surveys

    Due diligence surveys

  • Construction administration

    Construction administration

  • Project management

    Project management

  • Site supervision

    Site supervision

  • Functional performance testing

    Functional performance testing

  • Commissioning agent

    Commissioning agent

  • Operation and maintenance supervision

    Operation and maintenance supervision

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