Building Services

When architects design buildings with people in mind, our role as engineering specialists grows significantly.

PD&P Building Services division designs and consults on systems responsible for providing comfort, safety, health, communication, automation and usability of the built environment. Our goal is to fully realize the architect's vision of a building that is functional, effective and active: we help bring life to the edifice.

Our mechanical and electrical consultants are committed to delivering intelligent and sustainable building design. They work side by side with our clients at every stage of a project to ensure they provide the best integrated solutions for each client’s specific needs.


  • Fire Protection

    Fire Protection

    Active suppression system, smoke control and management
  • Lighting


    Lighting simulation to control illumination level, uniformity and glare
  • Plumbing / Public Health

    Plumbing / Public Health

    Drainage, water distribution, water treatment and management
  • Electrical Power Distribution

    Electrical Power Distribution

    Safety and functionality provided with detailed system analysis
  • HVAC


    Indoor environmental control, natural ventilation and processes
  • Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation

    Thermal energy modeling and simulation for optimizing the building thermal properties
  • Building Conveying Systems

    Building Conveying Systems

    Traffic analysis for optimizing performance and specifying safety

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