PD&P France

PD&P France
Since we continue despite and against everything,
Since we are committed to perpetual progress,
Since the opening to ′′ West ′′ is imperative for us,
Since we believe in Francophone values,
We are pleased to announce the creation of our PD & P France subsidiary at 1 rue de Stockholm, 75008 Paris. PD & P France will extend its offer to France in the fields of building fluids (PD & P Building Services), Energy and industrial (PD & P Energy) and Data Center (PD & P Mission Critical).
Based on the extensive experience in these areas of specialization confirmed in Lebanon, UAE, Gulf countries and West Africa, PD & P France will have the following mission:
1. The commercial development of services on the market in France and especially in Paris
2. Maintaining close relationships with customers and ensuring a physical presence
3. Subcontracting part of the services, including PD & P offices in Beirut and PD & P Dubai
4. Coordination of projects with the various stakeholders
5. Adapting performance according to market conditions and customer requirements
6. The assistance of French companies in their services offered in particular in the Middle East, Gulf and West African countries
This approach is a continuation of our firm and solid expansion.
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